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Dallas Beer Guardians are committed to contributing to the atmosphere at Toyota Stadium in support of our beloved FC Dallas. As we support one of the founding members of Major League Soccer, we Dallas Beer Guardians stand committed to uphold the enduring values and traditions established by the League and the Dallas Burn. Those values include a commitment to winning, respect, tolerance, and an appreciation for the world’s game.  We look to the past example laid forth by our founder, Lamar Hunt, as an example of who we represent and who we honor each time we set foot in the stadium.  We remember that everything we do becomes part of the legacy of Uncle Lamar.


The following is our Code of Conduct, and we expect each and every member of Dallas Beer Guardians to adhere to the values detailed therein.

Code of Conduct
  1. As Dallas Beer Guardians are an inclusive supporters group, all are welcome regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or any other personal identifying factors.

  2. Dallas Beer Guardians are expected to consume alcohol in a responsible manner and not serve to minors.

  3. Dallas Beer Guardians are expected to refrain from using any racial, sexual, or offensive language.

  4. Dallas Beer Guardians WILL:

    • Participate in pre- and post-match activities

      • Tailgating

      • Set up and take down of banners and flags

    1. Follow the lead of the capos in the chants and songs established by Dallas Beer Guardians

    2. Participate in chants and songs for the full 90 minutes, and should a member’s voice give out, they are expected to engage in non-verbal support

      • Drumming/Clapping

      • Waving flags

    3. Respect the guidelines laid out by the leadership of both Dallas Beer Guardians and Toyota Stadium staff

    4. Contribute to spreading the brand of both FC Dallas and Dallas Beer Guardians

  5. Dallas Beer Guardians WILL NOT engage in throwing projectiles onto the field of play or the surrounding track. These items include, but are not limited to beer, cups, batteries, coins, inflatable beach balls and rubbish. Violators will be handed over to the appropriate authorities and immediately kicked out of the group.

    1. The lone exception to this rule is throwing streamers at approved times during the match (pre-game, after goals scored).

  6. Dallas Beer Guardians WILL NOT bring items into the Rhine (Supporters Section) that have been prohibited by Toyota Stadium policies. Those items include, but are not limited to weapons, glass bottles, fireworks, flares, smoke bombs, laser pointers, or drugs of any kind. 

    1. If a member is caught in possession of a prohibited item not previously approved by Dallas Beer Guardian leadership or the Front Office, that member will face a three match ban from club activities.

    2. Any member caught using a weapon, lighting fireworks, flares, smoke bombs, using a laser pointer or engaging in drug activity will be subject to expulsion and a lifetime ban from Dallas Beer Guardians.

  7. Dallas Beer Guardians WILL NOT enter the field of play at any time, unless it has been previously approved by the Front Office. Entering the field of play at an unauthorized moment will result in that member’s expulsion and a lifetime ban from Dallas Beer Guardians.

  8. Dallas Beer Guardians WILL NOT engage in fighting as defined in the Toyota Stadium policy.  Any member caught fighting at a match will be subject to expulsion and a lifetime ban from the Dallas Beer Guardians.


By adhering to this Code of Conduct we believe we can assure a fun, active and safe environment for all of our members and fellow supporters of FC Dallas.



DBG Leadership

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