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Full 90 Membership

The Full 90 membership - Lowest-Priced Beer in the Stadium during Game Days - DBG Member-Specific Shirts, Scarves and Other Merchandise for Sals - Community Outreach Opportunities​ also includes Full 90 members-only merchandise, voting rights for director positions, and special ticket pricing options. Click the link below to get your Full 90 Membership for only $10 or $20 Scarf Memebrship. 

The Rhine

Our in-stadium home is The Rhine. Located on the southwest side of Toyota Stadium, The Rhine is the premier location to watch matches as a FC Dallas supporter. From the cheapest beer in the stadium to being surrounded by fervent, like-minded supporters, we guarantee you won't find a similar experience in the D/FW Metroplex. Entry into the Rhine itself will require a ticket.


Please note - In The Rhine, you can expect to experience the following before, during and after a match:

  • Standing, Swaying and Jumping

  • Singing and Chanting

  • Flags Waving

  • Mature Language


Legal Information

DBG is intended for persons of legal drinking age (21 and older in the United States) and does not condone underage drinking. Furthermore, DBG promotes the RESPONSIBLE consumption of alcohol. While viewing matches at bars or stadiums, please look out for yourselves and appoint a designated driver to return all DBG participants and guests home SAFELY. DBG is not responsible for the actions of its members or guests and asks that each member of guest of the DBG exercise PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in not over-consuming alcohol while viewing or attending soccer matches.