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Full Details For Supporters' Cup

In ten days, DBG hopes to successfully defend the Supporters' Cup at Toyota Stadium. The format has changed, and our opponent in the last three finals - the FC Dallas Front Office - will not be taking part this year. When FC Dallas set the stage for this year's cup, they wanted it to be supporters only, so the Cup will be decided in a single 11-a-side game between the Dallas Beer Guardians and El Matador.

The game will consist of two 30 minute halves, kicking off at 1 PM on the Toyota Stadium field. The gates will open at 12:20 PM, so we encourage everyone to come and support your fellow Guardians. After that, there will be pick-up games with DBG, EM, Lone Star Legion and the front office playing half field until 4:30/5 PM, so bring your gear even if you aren't signed up for the Supporters' Cup game! There will also be pizza provided by FC Dallas, and you can also BYOB!

We're looking forward to hopefully seeing a DBG three-peat, and a great experience for the Guardians representing and supporting our group.

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