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October Supporters' Summit

Here is are minutes for the October 2018 Supporters Summit between the leadership of all three supporters groups at FC Dallas and members of the FC Dallas front office.

If you would like to raise a concern for next month's meeting, on Tuesday, November 6, please use this form. You can also look at archive meeting minutes on this page.

As always, your questions are followed by FC Dallas' responses in red.

1. Under what circumstances would FO be willing to lift the pyro ban? Would they be willing to lift it if it were restricted to the Beer Garden?

After a recent incident involving smoke devices, the Frisco Police Department has advised us that they will be enforcing the city’s fireworks ordinance. That means that anything that falls within that ordinance is not allowed on the property without the proper permits. We have inquired about the permit process and have been told that smoke devices and any other pyro within the stadium and/or 100 yards of the general public will likely be denied for public safety reasons.

2. Would like to see a more concerted effort by the players to acknowledge the supporters in the beer garden we get a couple players almost same every time, watching other teams they get MOST of the team down to the supporters and show them they know they are there would be nice to see it like that once in a while first season as STM and supporter doesn’t have to be every game but after a big win and once in a while would be appreciated

This is something we will address with the players. We know they appreciate you and consider you a part of the team.

3. Months ago DBG compiled a list of local breweries that are distributed by the distributor used at Toyota Stadium. This list was turned over to FCD and Legends. Legends refuses to meet with DBG regarding this. We have used the channels that we have been told to use, yet Legends is effectively taking their ball and going home. There is no reason for Legends to act like this, just as there is no reason why we cannot have LOCAL DFW-brewed beers inside of Toyota Stadium. Why support a Houston-based brewery that support the Dynamo when we can support DFW-based breweries that would be more likely to support FCD if their products were available inside the stadium. Please review the list we submitted, please ask that Legends actually act like a professional organization & meet with us. At least they should have the courtesy & professionalism to tell us why they don't want to change to local products.

Legends offers a variety of beer options throughout Toyota Stadium that serve all of our fans. They’re a wonderful partner who is open to considering other options going forward that will continue to serve all of our fans and support our brand partners.

4. Hand sanitizer in the port-a-potties is still empty. Pretty much have been asking all summer for the dispensers to be filled, and they've say empty since ~7/4. Can we please get these filled. All of them, not just one. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and all that jazz.

We agree with you. We’ve already addressed this with our operations staff. I’m not sure why it’s not happening but will follow up again and make sure it’s fixed moving forward.

5. Why does FC Dallas refuse to have a LGBT Pride Night?

We have not refused to host a LGBT Pride Night. It wasn’t part of our scheduled theme nights. It had been discussed last month but theme nights take proper planning and we did not have it scheduled for this year. We assess our theme nights on a yearly basis.

6. The broadcast sucks. The play by play guys are great but why don't they ever show tifos? Why does the camera cut away from the game to Gina Miller to talk about a museum that is still under construction? The cameras missed a goal because of it. The one time they showed her talking about the fans, the camera was on her so you couldn't even see the tifo she was talking about.

I will bring this up to the broadcast/event presentation team.

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