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We're Just Over A Week Away From Town Hall!

We're within touching distance of our annual Beer Family Reunion, and our first watch party of the (pre)season!

On Feb 17, we'll be in the grain room at Peticolas Brewing Co. for the 2018 DBG Town Hall. FC Dallas play Portland in the the Mobile Mini Sun Cup at 1 PM so we will combine that with a watch party, and Town Hall will follow FCD's preseason win!

This is a good chance to see what is coming up over the next year, ask any questions you may have for the officers and directors or speak about helping out in anyway, or just to catch up with friends after the offseason!

If you have one of the DBG/Peticolas co-branded glasses waiting for you from our End of Year party, it's also a great time to pick that up. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

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