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Cooking Like A Champ At 24 Hour Tailgate!

With 24 Hour Tailgate right around the corner, it's time to start announcing a couple of things we'll be doing for the pregame to the entire 2018 FC Dallas season!

We are going to hold a chili cook-off on the Saturday, and it's going to be judged by...EVERYONE!

The only rules are it's got to be home made and you can't use the Grill Monkeys' equipment. We'll have power outlets available for Crock Pots.

Registration will start at 10 AM and end at 11. Voting will take place at 3 PM and we'll announce the winner at around 4.

For $5, you'll get a cup, spoon and a ticket to cast your vote with. Proceeds will go to the game day fund that pays for things like tailgates, capo stands, the upkeep of instruments and tifo.

You can sign up here!

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